6×6 Skills: Have Fun with Books

We all know that children want to play and have fun. If we want them to learn to read, we have to make books and reading playful and fun, too.

If your child enjoys books and is interested in them, they will want to learn to read. If they are happy when you read together, they will want to read. But if a child associates reading with negative feelings, they may not want to. It’s important to find a time when you and your child are in the right mood and can enjoy a book together.

It will help if you choose books that your child will enjoy. Your child will also get more enjoyment out of reading if you put on a bit of a show, making noises, attempting accents and different voices and being expressive. Your child will love it!

Activities to help have fun with books

Get a free library card and make regular visits

Let your child help choose a book, and look for alphabet and numbers books.

Have pretend reading sessions

Get your child to ‘read’ to you from a picture book.

Always have a book with you

Wherever you are! It’s as handy for entertaining children in a doctor’s waiting room as helping them learn.

Write a short book for your child

Write down what they do and include photos. Let them see you writing about them and what they’re doing.

Involve your child when you’re reading to them

You could ask them to repeat phrases or point out objects in pictures. If your child is actively involved, they’ll have more fun.

Information on this page was adapted from the 6 by 6 program developed by Johnson County Library.