6×6 Skills: Look for Letters Everywhere

Learning the alphabet is more than knowing ABC. It’s important that you child can recognize different letters (both large and small), and that every letter has a name and a sound. Your child will need this skill to learn how to read.

Letters are formed from shapes, so your child needs to know shapes before they can learn letters. You can read books about shapes and play with shape puzzles to teach them.

Activities to help look for letters everywhere

Choose a letter of the day

Point it out everywhere you see this letter and every time you hear it. Start off by using the first letter of their name as your child will be more likely to remember this.

Point out shapes

What shape is the road sign? What shape is an apple, a wall, a store front?

Make a collage

Cut out a large letter and get your child to stick pictures of things which begin with the same letter onto it.

Get creative

Make letters and shapes in paint, Play-Doh, LEGO; make the letter of their first name out of food on their plate!

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